What does the upfront $250 payment get me?
  • 12 month Canary subscription with option to pause anytime.
  • First month subscription fee included.
  • No monthly fee to be paid for paused months.
  • Ability to cancel subscription in the first month and get a $150 refund.
  • Access to Canary android/iOS app unlock and GPS tracking.
  • Access to Canary support and maintenance. Additional costs may apply.
Can I cancel the subscription at anytime?
  • Yes, you may cancel the 12 month subscription anytime through the app or by reaching out to the Canary team.
  • If you cancel within the first 30 days then you may receive $150 back.
  • Paused subscriptions do not need to pay any re-initiation fee within the 12 month period.
  • Cancelled subscriptions may have additional fees applicable to renew a subscription once cancelled.
How do I manage bike repairs and maintenance?
  • Inform Canary team about issue with the bike through email or phone call.
  • Bring bike back to the Canary team for evaluation and repair.
  • Additional costs for replacement parts or repairs may apply.
What are the things on the bike that I need to check and maintain regularly?
  • Brakes
  • Chain
  • Saddle
  • Battery charge
What happens in case the bike is damaged or stolen during the subscription period?
  • You are liable for regular maintenance and safety of the bike. Once subscribed we expect users to take care of the Canary bikes as they would for their own personal bikes.
  • A damage repair fee or penalty for loss or theft of parts or the entire bike may apply at Canary teams discretion. Fee details are mentioned in the terms of service/waiver that you accepted while signing up for the service.
What are the safety features available on the Canary bikes to avoid theft? What else can I do to prevent bike theft?
  • All Canary bikes have a dual locking feature available: The main horseshoe shaped smart U lock on the rear wheel and an additional cable that you can use to secure the bike to a bike rack or any other safe physical infrastructure.
  • All Canary bikes are GPS tracked in real time and are equipped with BLE technology to ensure secure lock/unlock through the app.
  • You may add an additional mechanical cable lock of your own during the subscription period if you prefer. This should be taken off the bike while returning the bike to us at the end of your subscription period.